Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Info

First things first. If you have not chatted with bimbo and told her you loved her pictures please do so at She is on the chat there all the time and she just loves following everybodies orders.

Second, if anybody has idea of things we can do to her add a comment here.

Third, if she is bad please leave a comment here and I will make sure she is sorry.

Last I have decided to have more updates and even have her write a few. That should be really humiliating.

Oh ask her how the bus rides are

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here is a another

She has been loving your comments and email. She also has been loving the teasing she has been getting at EH. She thinks I spared her and only sent this picture to her online master but that would be breaking the rules. Also I am sure all her new friends do not want to be left out huh.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

First picture

She sent her first picture out. So by her own rules everybody say hi to Bimbo. Her email is

Start of the BIMBO

I have a friend that I have had for a long time. She is a type A personality always demanding. We are very compitive amongst each other but she always seems to have a slight edge on me. She is one of those people that believes she is better then everybody else but she is also a good friend.

Recently she came to me and told me she wanted me do her a favor. She recently realized that she had a craving to be submissive. I could not believe what I was hearing. She said that she even had somebody online starting to give her commands. I asked what she wanted me too do. I almost fainted when she gave me the answer.

She wanted me to be the enforcer. What does that mean? I am suppose to make sure she does everything she is told and hand out punishments if she is bad. She even came up with rules. I almost died I was looking for the hidden camera. Miss super snob was going to be a submissive slut. She explained that for motivation she gave me a envolpe with embrassing pictures and info she did not want anybody to know. She made me promise that if she backs out on anything and does not accpet the punishment I must open the envelope and send everything to whoever I want if I disagree with her choice.

Rules She Made:
- She can not for any reason back out of anything on humiliation alone.
- Online master has ultimate control
- Any pictures sent out on her behalf is then public domain and she can not demand what we do with the picture.
- She has to submit to whatever punishments are given
- If I say something is to far she does not have to do it.